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ALR vs CLR: Which Screen Technology is Right for You?

by Ziying OuYang 14 Jun 2024

When choosing a projector screen, understanding the differences between various technologies is crucial. Today, we will explore two popular screen technologies: ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) and CLR (Ceiling Light Rejection), with a special focus on the advantages of ALR technology.

What is ALR Technology?

ALR screens are designed to perform well in environments with high ambient light. They utilize special optical coatings and micro-structure designs to effectively minimize interference from surrounding light sources, ensuring that the projected image remains clear and vibrant even in well-lit rooms.

What is CLR Technology?

CLR screens are specifically designed to reject light coming from the ceiling direction. These screens use unique optical designs to reduce interference from overhead lighting, enhancing the clarity and sharpness of the image on the screen.

Comparing ALR and CLR Technologies

Environmental Adaptability

  • ALR: ALR screens offer broad environmental adaptability. They can reject light from multiple directions, significantly enhancing image contrast and color saturation. Whether in a bright living room or a conference room, ALR screens provide a high-quality viewing experience.

  • CLR: CLR screens are optimized for light coming from the ceiling. While effective in reducing overhead light, their performance may diminish in environments with light sources from other directions.

Installation Flexibility

  • ALR: Due to their ability to reject light from various angles, ALR screens offer greater installation flexibility. You don’t need to worry about the direction of specific light sources, allowing you to choose a projector location based on your room layout.

  • CLR: CLR screens need to be considered with overhead light sources in mind, potentially limiting installation options. In rooms with other directional light interference, the performance of CLR screens might not be as effective as ALR screens.

Image Quality

  • ALR: ALR screens feature advanced optical coatings and micro-structure designs that deliver exceptional image contrast and color fidelity. They are particularly suited for home theaters, conference rooms, and other settings that demand high-quality images.

  • CLR: CLR screens excel at rejecting overhead light, but their overall image quality might not be as consistent as ALR screens, especially in environments with complex lighting conditions.

Why Choose ALR?

  1. Wider Environmental Adaptability: Whether in a living room, conference room, or classroom, ALR screens provide clear images under various lighting conditions.
  2. Higher Installation Flexibility: With ALR screens, you don’t need to worry about the direction of light sources, enabling you to achieve excellent viewing results in more locations.
  3. Outstanding Image Quality: ALR screens excel in contrast and color saturation, offering a superior visual experience.


Understanding the differences between ALR and CLR technologies is essential when selecting a projector screen. While CLR screens perform well in specific environments, ALR screens stand out with their broader environmental adaptability, higher installation flexibility, and exceptional image quality. If you want to enjoy high-quality projection images under various lighting conditions, ALR screens are undoubtedly your best choice.

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