FAQs - Product Help

Q: What is ALPD ® Technology?

A: ALPD®, Fluorescence Laser Technology, is based on the technical route of laser excitation of fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color lasers for image display. At present, ALPD® technology is widely used in cinema laser auditoriums.

Q: What is the difference between Theater series and Cinema pro series?

A: Please click here to learn more.

Q: What operating system does Formovie use?

A: For TVs to be considered ‘smart’, what it really brings to the user experience is its built-in smart platform, often referred to as an operating system (OS), and the ability to connect to the internet. Some manufacturers have their own smart platforms, while others use the OS made by another company. In order to ensure your experience, Formovie uses officially certified Android TV, its streaming coverage includes most mainstream platforms, and has the smoothest and easiest operating experience

Q: How long does the light source of Formovie products last?

A: Under normal circumstances, the laser light source used by Formovie can work for more than 25,000 hours and play more than 10,000 movies (2 hours per movie), which is enough to meet the needs of TV viewing.

Q: Can I switch to the global version if I have a Chinese projector/laser TV?

A: For a more convenient and better user experience, we have a global version for overseas customers. This system is completely different from the Chinese version. To avoid any possible compatibility issues, booting issues or system crashes, please don't switch the firmware between these two versions. Formovie is not liable for the above issues. (Theater series and CINEMA PRO series Support YouTube)

Q: How to pair with the Bluetooth remote control?

A:You can pair it in the system settings: Settings - Remote Controls and Accessories - Add a Remote Control, follow the text and illustration, move the remote control to the right side of the device. Press the application and home buttons on the remote control at the same time, release buttons and after hearing "beep" sound, just wait for the pairing to succeed.

Q: How to use voice remote control?

A: Please use the Formovie remote or a remote with Google Assistant button. Press and hold the voice button, approach the remote and say your command.

Q: Can I connect my external speakers to Formovie products?

A: Yes, you can connect your external speakers to Formovie via HDMI (arc), Bluetooth and Audio Output jack.

Q: Will Formovie products work with other external devices like hard drives, laptops, TV boxes and PS4s?

A: Yes, you can connect them to your Formovie Laser TV/Projector via the USB or HDMI port.

Q: Do Formovie products support keystone correction?

A: Yes! The product respectively support various types of keystone correction, such as 4 points or 8 points. (Theater series support 8-point keystone correction)